Company Profile

JAZZCON, with a group annual turnover of more than Rs. 32 Crores, is one of the largest Turnkey Contracting companies in North India, with services ranging from 132/66/33KV Switchyards, 11KV Substations, Design & Job Estimation, Annual Maintenance, Grid Synchronisation, Industrial Projects, Building Management, Programmable Lighting and Commercial Projects.

Factoring in present-day technological advancement and upgradation, present day power distribution requires specialized experience and product quality to meet the vital requirements in various fields of Electrical Engineering. To cater and tackle the intricacies of these distribution needs, an updated knowledge of latest technological developments, commitment to product quality and a will of strong customer satisfaction are paramount. Jazzcon, with its efficient and dedicated Engineering manpower has made its mission to provide specialized, economical, prompt and value-add services to its esteemed customers. We are determined to serve the Industry  in our efforts to facilitate innovative development for progression of economic and industrial activities for the benefit of the customers at large.

We service Industries such as power, chemical, steel, textiles, cement, paper, sugar, etc with erection, installation and commissioning of main plant switchboards, grid substations and indoor & outdoor electrification. Jazzcon following its tradition of professionalism, values all engineering practices and is equally at home with design of Power distribution or electrical installation and erection. Our work is testimony to our commitment. We have developed expertise to blend mechanized and modern methods of erection and installation with assistance from trained and well experienced manpower to deliver economical solutions to our customers.

“Quality, Coordination and , Timeliness” is vital for the success of any Project.  At Jazzcon, these projects are executed by a highly qualified and efficient Project team who with their in-depth experience can take up any sophisticated and time bound Project in the most competitive manner. Since its inception JAZZCON has vastly expanded its market base and today enjoys a position of repute amongst leading architects and electrical consultants.